Students Get Into Spirit at Annual Homecoming Pep Rally


Ben Goldman, Deepa Jha, and Emma Lundgren

img_4536jpgAs the students of West Bloomfield High School prepare for the annual Homecoming festivities,  the annual Homecoming Pep Rally on Friday, September 23rd, helped get students into spirit for the night’s parade and game against Stony Creek.

For the freshmen, this was their very first pep rally.  They came in not knowing what to expect, but left eagerly anticipating the next one.

“It was all amazing,” said freshman Elise Brice, “[especially] watching the teachers do their dance.”  Ikea Elam agreed: “[Seeing] everyone going together all at once, I loved it!” For the freshmen―and everyone else for that matter―the teachers’ dance was fun to watch, as were other classic pep rally activities, including tug-of-war and basketball.


For the seniors, however, pep rallies are not a new experience. In fact, they are highly anticipated.  “As the years go on we show more and more spirit,” said senior Cydnee Graham. “It shows that outside of school, we’re pretty united.”

This spirit and unity was proven last year, at an unprecedented 5:00 am pep rally. The turnout was surprisingly high, especially for the seniors. Zay Douglas recounts that this pep rally was the most fun, “…when Channel 4 came and we were all on TV.”

Indeed, that was an unforgettable pep rally, but this year’s Homecoming Pep Rally is also memorable. It has more than met the expectations of both the returning seniors and eager freshmen.