The Strength We Need: The Inspiration a Mother Gives Her Daughter

Says Liz Larky-Savin: “I’m pretty damn proud!”

Photo credit: Lorie Savin

Photo credit: Lorie Savin

Ben Goldman and Emma Lundgren

Liz Larky-Savin promptly stands tall, eating an apple in one hand and gesticulating with the other. She’s selling boo-grams for Law Club while talking about her mother’s campaign to a curious Navy Officer. A lone banana rests on the table, vulnerable and patient, with the knowledge that it will be eaten eventually and will rest in Liz’s stomach for a long six hours until digestion.

Meanwhile, the Navy  Officer is digesting the fact that Liz’s mom, Lorie Savin, is running for Oakland County Circuit Court Judge. Liz’s role in the campaign, however, is not to simply support her mother. She has become very active in the campaign, from working fundraisers, to passing out signs and going over the campaign literature.

To Liz, this is more than just a campaign: it’s an inspiration. Being that this campaign is the   childhood dream that her mother has been working towards for 20 years, Liz is both marvelled and humbled by the success.

“I’m pretty damn proud! My mom has definitely inspired me on being productive, proactive, and efficient with my time. She’s also inspired me to chase after my dreams and to be realistic about them as well,” said Liz.

With her mom’s success, however, Liz recognizes that their time spent together is not like it was before the campaign. “As my mom, I obviously don’t see her as much because she’s very busy and she works a regular job as well as campaigning.”

It’s a good thing, though, that this is the only “negative” Liz recognizes, because it stems from the positive fact that her mom is both busy and motivated.  Liz added: “She’s hardworking, and after she is elected to the position, things will be easier, and we’ll appreciate our time together more. So this is a sacrifice we’re going to make knowing there will be benefits after.”

Liz identifies with both her mom’s positivity and inspiration. The productive and proactive characteristics define Liz as well, giving her the strength she needs.