New Schedule for the 2017-2018 School Year


Lauryn Azu and Emma Lundgren

Next year the WBHS schedule will be getting a few subtle changes. Marathon days will take place on Fridays instead of Mondays and there will be no more Late Start Wednesdays. Instead, we will have half-days on Fridays. Spectrum chatted with Principal Watson about the new change.

According to Watson,  “We’re no longer going to have Late Starts. We were supposed to have 19 late starts this year and we only got 8. We just need more curriculum time for teachers.”

The original purpose of Late Start Wednesdays was for teachers within the school and across the district to meet in the morning before class, and have time to plan and coordinate as subjects and departments. Since Late Starts have gradually reduced, this means that recently teachers have had less time to work together. The new schedule is expected to solve this problem.

Watson continued, “If we keep it the way it is, on Late Start days students lose instructional time on their odd days. We decided that Friday is the best day to do it. We should have 8 or 9 half-days on Fridays [next year].  By moving the half day to Friday, we’ll say, this day is 1-3-7. Next half day, it should be 2-4-6. This is the way to make sure that time loss is balanced.”

Principal Watson also hinted at changing the marathon day from Friday to Wednesday, but nothing is set in stone yet. We’ll have to wait until next fall to see the final verdict on the schedule.

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