Iceland: A Trip Like No Other

Emma Lundgren, Avani Samandur, , and

Are you interested in going on a vacation like no other next spring break? If so, you should consider going on the Iceland trip. This trip will take place during spring break 2018 and around 30 students will be traveling to the magical country of Iceland. They will be abroad for six full days and participating in many adventurous activities such as a glacier walk, looking at geothermal vents, and hanging out in lagoons. In addition to these activities students will be able to observe how the country runs completely on green energy.  

Students will be visiting several cities like Reykjavik and Hvolsvöllur. Don’t worry if you are unsure how to pronounce these, as Mr. Fraylick says,  “We’re going to hit up many different cities in Iceland, we cannot really pronounce the names of the cities yet, so hopefully we learn how to say them there.”

Iceland is located north of the U.K and south of Greenland. Contrary to its name, Iceland isn’t as cold as it sounds. It is full of volcanoes, water falls, and hot springs. The average spring
temperature is around 45 degrees fahrenheit, so heavy winter coats are not necessary. Spectrum spoke with the two trip sponsors, science teachers Mr.Fraylick and Mrs.Zanotti, about the details of the vacation.



The Iceland trip serves the purpose of jumpstarting STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math.) As Ms. Zanotti and Fraylick say, “STEAM is huge in our school district as we have a lot of people in STEAM programs which are being piloted next year, and what better way is there to bring some things that are super “STEAM”-y into our school, and to us, you can’t get more “STEAM”-y than Iceland.”

The Iceland trip will be very valuable to students, as Ms. Zanotti and Mr. Fraylick say, “We want to take students to a place on this planet where they can get a valuable experience, an experience that they will never be able to forget.”

Students can sign up for this trip anytime from now to January 2018. The trip, which includes six full days, is projected to be around $3400. This includes flights, lodging, a full time tour guide, and most food. To sign up, stop by Room 503 or 502! The first seven people who sign up for the trip will also get their glacier walk paid for!