Thankful 2020

Alyssa Snead


     With Thanksgiving approaching, it is again that time of year to remember what you’re thankful for. This year has been difficult to say the least, many people lost their jobs, experienced mental health issues and overall are just ready for the year to be over. Even with this different 2020 year, there are still things to be thankful for. Take time to express what there is to be thankful for this year.

     Good health is something to always be thankful for, but this year it’s especially important. During the fall season people tend to get sick. Especially this year with the coronavirus, the flu season is scarier than normal. Death totals are spiking and people are losing loved ones. Be thankful for not being ill or for not having family and friends going through sickness. If family or a friend was lost due to their health, there are still things to be thankful for. Take this time to appreciate the memories that they were a part of, or that they were able to leave an impact on life.

     “I’m thankful for the time I’ve had to discover myself,” said Peyton Long, a junior at WBHS. “COVID took everything I knew about life and made me realize that I was letting life just happen to me.” 

     Quarantine had a lot of cons, but one pro was the time spent with family. Being stuck inside forced people to be with their family more than they normally would. A lot of families started to bond by watching shows together, going on family walks, playing games, the list could go on and on. So this year look back on those memories that were made, all the laughs that were had and the good times. Be thankful for that forced time spent together because that time is invaluable and doesn’t happen often in our busy lives.

     New additions to family. During quarantine the number of pets adopted increased greatly. Many people started to adopt animals from agencies and shelters. These adoptions have been lifesavers not only for the animals, but for many people. A new addition to the family is exactly what people needed during the difficult times. The bond between a pet and its owner is very strong, and that connection was deeply needed during the difficult times. Be thankful for the joy that pets bring and the time spent with them.

     “I’ve never been more thankful for art. Movies, music, and words have helped me survive. Not only are they an escape, but they can make you feel comforted or understood,” said Daniel Wisely, a junior at WBHS. “In the year of isolation, art has made me feel like I am not alone.”

     Appreciation of hobbies that make you happy. Everyone needs something in their life that they can express themselves through. Whether it is through music, sports, arts or anything else, those hobbies and interests bring joy to the people who participate in them. During the quarantine a lot of people used their hobbies to relieve stress and get through the difficult times; people even learned new hobbies with the extra time they had. Be thankful for the interests  that allow you to express who you are and thankful that it can bring happiness through dark times.

     While thinking of this year try not to only think of the bad, but highlight the good. Express the happy memories made, the good health of others, and the bonds with family. Be grateful, appreciative and thankful for the good of 2020.