Online School Vs In-Person School

Justin Ramsey

 Michigan is showing signs that the Corona Virus is still dangerous. With the rapidly rising cases, Michiganders must find ways to protect themselves, and online schooling is one option that may be around for the long haul. Oakland County is right behind Wayne county in cases. Today 11/20/20Oakland has 38,325. The total number of cases in Michigan is 310k, and it is rising rapidly. 

   With all of this happening, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services put restrictions back in place on large gatherings, restaurants, and other areas. 

   During this 3-week shutdown, high schools cannot be in session and all high school sports have been postponed, so the thought of school going back in person this year feels like a long shot. Students are struggling with this change. Sophomore Mike Jennings has been struggling with maintaining focus in an online environment. 

   “I honestly really miss school, it’s harder for me to stay focused on my work when it’s all from home and I miss seeing my friends.” 

   Jennings is a straight-A student and still struggles with online school. One of the added struggles comes from the district’s new Learning Management System, Canvas. Junior Nathan McDonald believes that Google Classroom is what they should be using for online learning.

   “Canvas isn’t as efficient as google classroom and I find it a lot more difficult to use but with time I think we can get used to it.” 

   Teachers try their best to teach their students to the best of their abilities, but it takes two to tango, if the student is unmotivated to learn then there won’t’ be much progress. 

   2020 has deprived students of spring sports, a fun summer, and now a traditional educational experience. This isn’t just hard on students, teachers have also had a hard time trying to adjust to canvas. 

   For years schools have used Google Classroom because it was simple and it connected easily with many things schools used but this year staff feel that they can do so much more on Canvas than Google Classroom, and that it helps better with online lessons.

   Online school can be tough but if students take it one call at a time students will become pros and will own the 2020/2021 school year, so if things aren’t looking good right now you still have over 7 months to turn it around remember teachers and staff are there for you so you shouldn’t feel alone in this. Reach out to your teacher through email, seminar, or any other means if you have questions.