Stress Is Small

Justin Ramsey

Stress is something we all deal with. If you are a human then you will be stressed out many times in your life, but teens are far more stressed than it is to be healthy why is that? Maybe it is school, or your future, or maybe it is a more personal reason. Naturally, all highschool students will be stress it is just the way it is. We are piled with tasks that must be done within a certain time or our grades will suffer and if your grades suffer then you get into a good college then your career will suffer and your life will turn in shambles. Is that how you feel because most teens will feel like that or maybe you are concerned about your family’s financial situation and you are forced to get a job and work many hours on top of school to stay stable. Whatever situation you are in your body doesn’t know all it knows that you aren’t feeling like you should the human body doesn’t see that you are in a bad situation it won’t take it easy on you so you must fight the negativity with positivity take good care of your body because stress can lead to health problems and you don’t need that you only have one body that’s all so don’t let life ruin it for you fight it with healthy habits find a hobby find something you love and work at it so you can have something to look forward to in life. Of course, you are not alone your friends should be with you the whole way don’t let some silly building or paper destroy your life because you are great and you are the future you are more valuable than anything. So stress will not take over your life you are stronger than any problems that come to you.