Halloween in Michigan

Kylie Harmala, Writer

During the month of October, students search for different ways to spend the spooky season with friends and family around Michigan.

“There is nothing better than dressing up in fun costumes and walking around with your friends at night to see the houses with all of their decorations.” Abby Coppens said.

Alongside a group of friends Junior, Abby Coppens traveled to Tilson St in Romeo, Michigan. Tilson St is a normal neighborhood road except its residents have an extreme passion for this particular holiday. With about 3 dozen houses and thousands of Michigan residents making the drive to view each spooky scene, Tilson St becomes a must-see Halloween activity. At this unofficial event, different t-shirts are designed and sold to those who choose to walk through this family-friendly event. 

“I loved getting a big group of friends to go walk around the neighborhood. The people that all live there are super nice and let us take a picture on their doorstep with their decorations,” Coppens said.

Another local haunted adventure is the Lochaven haunted house, this house is a fascinating handmade Halloween event. Taking up a resident’s entire front lawn, hand made animatronics, tunnels and smoke machines cover their yard making visitors walk through a winding path of several different scenes before they reach the end for a handful of candy from the owners. Junior Chloe Bogosian went there with her family and friends,

“I couldn’t believe the effort the people who live there went to making this homemade haunted house. My favorite part was the dragon that blows smoke on you as you walk underneath it.”

All the way out in Holly, Michigan tucked away into the woods is Rotten Manor. A one-of-a-kind Halloween Experience beyond a haunted house. Decorated with the feel of fairgrounds, Rotten Manor includes a haunted house, hayride, forest, and several carnival games with haunted mazes. As you walk around the fairgrounds, actors chase you around different objects and even interact with guests in lines as you wait for the haunted house, hayride, or forest.

With so many different ways to experience this attraction, it is definitely worth the price and waits. In the haunted forest, you travel through many different mini haunted houses as actors wait in the woods at the end of each room to chase you to the next. Actors interact with guests at all points during the experience and make it a fun and thrilling event to go with friends. 

“I loved how even when you left the haunted house there were still actors running around and music was playing. Even if you left the haunted attraction you never really get to leave the spookiness of the place.” Junior Kirsten Hempelmann said.

In Michigan, there are so many different places to visit or sightsee with friends and family throughout October. Ranging in all price ranges and from scary to family-friendly there is something for everyone. 

“Halloween is my favorite time of the year because I’m always having fun with my friends or family seeing lights, haunted houses, or eating tons of candy,” Bogosian said.


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