The Magic of Encanto


Bianca Negron

Encanto is one of the most popular movies to come out in‭  ‬November 2021‭. ‬In case you’ve been under a rock and haven’t heard yet, it’s a new Disney movie about a girl named Mirabel and her family, the Madrigals, who have a variety of powers given to them like super strength and talking to animals‭. ‬The house also has magical powers, an encanto, too, but one day it starts acting weird and falling apart‭, ‬and it’s up to Mirabel to help save the house‭. ‬

This movie does an amazing job of showing diversity in hispanic culture‭. ‬This movie takes place in Columbia and it shows how Colombian people can all look different than each other‭. ‬They also put the characters in traditional hispanic clothing and show them making traditional foods such as arepas and empanadas‭. ‬Showing diversity in a huge movie like this can also show kids that there are characters that look like them‭. ‬

The music in this movie is also what brings this movie to life‭. ‬With songs like‭‬ “‬We don’t talk about Bruno” and “Surface Pressure” ‬it really helps tell the story of the characters‭. ‬Lin-Manuel Miranda‭, ‬who has also made music in movies like Moana‭ and ‬Hamilton‭, also produced the music for Encanto‭. ‬

ز‭ “My little sister loves the song ‘We don’t talk About Bruno‭, ‬it’s been on repeat for the past week,” said‭ ‬Rachel Landra.

One cool fact about the movie is that since a huge majority of the cast is hispanic the movie is properly made both in English and in Spanish‭. ‬‬

I personally really enjoyed this movie‭. ‬I love all the music in it and how it shows how hispanic families can tend to pick favorites and put the blame onto one kid‭. ‬For example‭, ‬throughout the movie it is known that Mirabel doesn’t have special powers like the rest of her family and her abuela constantly tries to keep her out of things in case she ruins them‭. ‬While on the other hand she praises her sister Isabel and does whatever she can to get her married‭. ‬

‬”I noticed right away that Abuela wouldn’t like Mirabel just because she didn’t have funky powers,” said ‬Jayden Marshal‭.‬

Another thing I really liked about the movie is how more live like the characters are‭. ‬Like how all the characters have their own personality and way of living‭. ‬Also how all the characters all look different from each other‭. ‬

Having diversity in a movie like this can show so many people that not all hispanic people look the same‭.‬