The Baller


Chase Smith, Writer

    Chloe Bogosian is a senior at the high school and loves to stay active. She is very involved with her community and does several sports throughout the year. At the school, she is an athlete on the dive and soccer team. However, she has always had a unique passion for playing soccer. 

    Bogosian started playing soccer when she was very young. Asked how she first started being passionate about soccer,

    “…because my parents got me into it because my father played soccer when he was younger as well.” 

    Ever since that point, Bogosian has stuck to her passion and never stopped playing.

    “I like the game, and I like the team that it creates. I also like the environment I get to play in.” 

    Bogosian loves practicing with her fellow teammates and has formed many bonds with the other people she has met through the sport. The positve atmosphere is one of her favorite aspects of soccer, but still is serious and motivated to practice and improve.

    “..kicking a ball around her room, and playing in her yard with siblings or friends,” are ways she says that she practices. 

    In addition, Bogosian is a part of a club soccer team when she is not playing for the high school. Her club team practices out in Rochester and she practices there when she is not in high school season.

   While Bogosian does not plan on playing soccer in college, that has not stopped her from having an amazing last couple of years and countless soccer seasons that she will never forget. 

    “I recommend it to everyone, I think it’s a great team sport, and it is a great way to stay active, and on top of all that it is super fun,” she shares, “If you are interested in West Bloomfield High School Girls soccer, then you should come try out.” 

    Soccer has been a part of her life for many years and she recommends anyone to give it a shot, because you never how much you might like something until you give it a try.

“I like the game, and I like the team that it creates.

— Bogosian