Lights, Camera, Music!

The Prism Concert on October 15th sure was music to our ears!

Finale of Prism Concert

Finale of Prism Concert

On October 15th, West Bloomfield High School (WBHS), hosted its annual Prism Concert. The concert consisted of the bands, orchestras, choirs and many talented soloists that joined together to form the ultimate musical performance. The turnout was excellent, many parents, friends and family members attended and  thunderous applause could be heard in between every number.

The WBHS Marching Band began the event with a rousing number called “Rise and Fall” arranged by Andrew Markworth.

The show continued with a piece from each band, orchestra and choir group that plays at WBHS, some clips of the pieces they played can be heard below.


Members of the audience, performers onstage, as well as teachers were interviewed, were asked about their thoughts on the music filled night.

Concert Band member and 9th grader Robbie Elliott explained a little about the event and what he liked about it. He said, “It was really neat how the strings the choirs and the bands got to perform together at the same concert, and how the songs flowed from one to the next.” Elliot goes on to say how the group rehearsed, “As a group we rehearsed one night for two hours, but individually we have been practicing all semester.”

Superintendent Dr. Gerald Hill talked about his favorite moments of the event.  He said, ” I enjoyed how all the students from the bands, orchestras and choirs were coming together, and had a good time. Very talented, entertaining, but the last number was really the climax and it was very moving. My other favorite part was watching the parents, friends and the relatives in the audience having a good time.”

Orchestra teacher and director Mrs. Linda Trotter was asked about the preparations her classes made for the performance and she said, “The orchestra prepared for the concert with in class rehearsals. There was one dress rehearsal, held the Monday before the concert, that all the ensembles participated in so that everyone would know what was going on.”

Compared to past Prism concerts she said that, “ I believe this was one of our best performances.  The ensembles were well prepared and performed very well.”

Trotter  also said,“My favorite part of the concert was conducting the finale, ‘Dry Your Tears Afrika’, that was written for the movie “Amistad”. The words were from the Mende language written by Bernard Dadie and the music was composed by John Williams. It is a powerful composition that the choir, band and orchestra performed beautifully. This performance was enhanced by the narration read by Derek Pendleton and the recitation of the poem by Joseph Trate and Dr. Hill, our superintendent.



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