A Fun-Day For All


On Friday September 11th, West Bloomfield High School (WBHS) hosted its 5th annual Family Fun Night. A variety of booths and activities made up the fun-filled event, and precursed West Bloomfield’s ravishing defeat over Clarkston. This year the event fell on 9/11, and according to WBHS Principal Watson, “Our men and women in the service and the uniform sacrifice for us on a daily basis, so this gives the chance to honor them and thank them for all they do for us.”

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Children attending Family Fun Night were able see military tanks and fire trucks up close! They could also compete with each other in a video game truck, dunk WBSD administration members in a dunk tank, and bounce around in inflatable play structures. Parents could unwind and groove to the music provided by a live band, featuring the WBHS choir.

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Rosevet Elementary Principal Dennis Rapal recovers from being dunked by WBSD students.
Rosevet Elementary Principal Dennis Rapal recovers from being dunked by WBSD students.

One of the most important aspects of Family Fun Night was a special booth dedicated to a piece of wreckage from one of the Twin Towers. Besides remembering 9/11 this year, various groups and committees had the chance to advertise their programs and share their causes with the community. Such groups featured at Family Fun Night were the West Bloomfield Education Foundation (WBEF), Blessings in A Backpack, Our Children’s Fund, West Bloomfield Parks and Recreation, the Greater West Bloomfield Historical Society, Defeat the Label, West Bloomfield Township Public Library, and various PTOs. Most of the booths offered free giveaways and food for the event was provided by Huertos.

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Eleanor Square, a volunteer at the event, said,  “It’s a nice way for our foundations, like the WBEF foundation, as well as all of the other organizations of our community to let you see who we are and what we do.”  This night was also important for the West Bloomfield Police Department who wanted to get involved with the people of the community which is a vital aspect of the job they do. When asked about what the Police Department wanted to accomplish by attending the event, Officer Dave Fisher stated that they wanted “to let the public know all the things that we do.” This seemed to be a common theme throughout the booths displayed at Family Fun Night.


WBHS Peer Mentorship students were another key part of the celebration, as many students assisted with various activities such as monitoring bounce houses and giving temporary tattoos. Juniors Amina Sharif and Cari Bowie are in Peer Mentorship and helped out at this event. They both attended the event last year and were more than happy to return this year. 

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High hopes were shared between everyone Spectrum interviewed at this event, including Superintendent Dr. Hill, for a Laker victory over 2014 State Champions and fierce rival the Clarkston Wolves.
If you happened to miss out on attending this year, you’re in luck; according to Mr. Watson, Family Fun Night is already being planned for next year.  “We started it 5 years ago because we wanted something where the community could come together and celebrate being a community,” he said. It is good to meet and know everyone that is helping to protect and provide for you. Thanking them in person is the best way to do so.