Are You Aware of This? The Seniors of African American Awareness Club!

West Bloomfield High School has prided itself on its efforts to not only maintain, but also increase and value diversity within its staff and student body. The school has several clubs celebrating students from various ethnic backgrounds, races, genders, and sexualities. One of these clubs is AAA, better known as the African American Awareness club. On the clubs and activities webpage, the club describes itself as “a student driven organization open to all students of West Bloomfield High School with the mission of fostering educational, political, and social awareness/understanding among our students.”

Even in a school as diverse as WBHS, race is still a pressing issue that has stayed at the forefront of American politics for decades, recently appearing in the media coverage of groups such as Black Lives Matter, the presidential elections, and even racial tensions over pop culture icons such as Beyoncé. Because of its constant relevance, having an informed populace of students has become one of the leading missions of AAA.

The club’s teacher sponsor/director is Mr. Johnson. Previously quoted in Spectrum, Johnson says that the club is “making a positive impact because in accordance with its mission, AAA has provided a space for students to share their views about a variety of things.”