Emma’s Music Recommendations

5 Artists To Check Out This Spring


Emma Lundgren, Writer

In the dreary months of Winter a lack of sunshine can lead people down a path of sadness. Many students look to music to cheer them up and brighten their day. Now with Spring, we are finally able to see the sun, but that doesn’t stop us from jamming out. Besides the popular music on the radio, there are lot of small artists who deserve just as much recognition. Stay tuned to hear my top 5 artist picks:



  • Mac Demarco222


If you love Indie music as much as I do, which is quite a lot, chances are you will love Mac Demarco. His twangy guitar style, melodic voice, and retro style provide a great cheery feel. Mac has 4 studio albums, as well as 3 smaller scale albums, including demos and acoustics. Make sure to catch him at this summer’s MoPop music festival in Detroit July 23 and 24th, if you plan on attending.  


Top 3 songs:
-Chamber of Reflection

-Passing Out Pieces

-Another One


  1. Hiatus Kaiyoterachael_roth_hiatus_kaiyote_bkg_1400_590_s_c1


Hiatus Kaiyote’s groovy and soulful ‘feel good’ music compliments everyday life. Lead singer, songwriter, and guitarist Nai Palm donates her beautiful voice and talent to make the songs sound amazing. So feel free to turn on one of their songs and vibe away. Hiatus Kaiyote has released 2 studio albums, Tawk Tomahawk and Choose Your Weapon. In addition to a small collection of songs named Recalibrations Vol. 1, which came out this April 15th.  


Top 3 songs:

-The Lung




3.Beach Houseimage


Beach House’s ambient and often gloomy music takes your mind to another peaceful and wonderful place. The vocals and instrumentation really make this small band stand out among the rest. So feel free to turn on one of their albums during a rainy day and relax. Beach House has 6 studio albums released (Beach House, Devotion, Teen Dream, Bloom, Depression Cherry, and Thank Your Lucky Stars) and it’s safe to say they are all amazing in their own way.


Top 3 songs:

-Space Song




4.Purity Ringpurity-ring-2015-tour-dates-ticket-presale-info-600x313

Purity Ring’s electronic yet haunting music brings the feeling of midnight and mystery. The angelic voice of Megan James adds to this feeling even more. Purity Ring has 2 studio albums released: Another Eternity and Shrines.


Top 3 songs:



-Begin Again


5.Chad VanGaalen37329a


Chad’s voice and music provides a happy and cheery acoustic feel, although his lyrics convey a different feeling, sadness. Chad is a true ‘one man band.’ he sings, plays, writes, produces, and releases all his music. Originating from Calgary this Canadian, he  is truly something special. Chad has 5 albums released, Infiniheart, Skelliconnection, Soft Airplane, Diaper Island, and Shrink Dust.


Top 3 songs:

-Willow Tree

-Peace on the Rise

-Frozen Paradise


There are many more unheard artists than just these five. Every once and awhile, go out of your comfort zone and experiment with other music genres. Pop music isn’t the only thing in the world. Try something new for a change and happy listening!