The Last Slope


Emma Lundgren, Writer

    Skiing is an exciting and competitive winter sport that involves gliding on snow with skis. Skiing has a long history and origin story. Although modern skiing has evolved from beginnings in Scandinavia, it may have been practiced as early as 600 BC in what is now China. Earlier skiers used one pole to guide them, although it is more common to see two poles used today. On January 12, 2016 the WBHS coed varsity ski team won first place by 18 points in one of their competitions, this was a huge win for the team. Spectrum talked to senior Blair Sakwa who was on the team this year and all 3 years prior to her senior year. Unfortunately Blair suffered from an injury and had to sit out for most of this season. “I got injured during a dry land practice, I was running and I twisted my ankle and fell and broke my wrist,” Blair says. Blair was the only senior on the team this year.