WBHS Drama Department Prepares For Fall Production


Emma Lundgren


The WBHS Theatre program has started their season with humor. The thespians will be performing The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged, a ode to the great playwright that both mocks and compiles many of his great works into one story. Rehearsals started at the beginning of October, and the play is scheduled to run November 3rd to November 5th.


The amount of hard work and enthusiasm this troupe of students put in can often go unnoticed by  the audience. In addition to acting, tech-ing and directing, each student plays a part in putting the production together.


“Besides acting, I help out with rehearsal operations, which basically is helping to ensure that each rehearsal runs smoothly. We spike down the dimensions of the stage and the outline of the set, making it easier to block scenes and let actors know where to stand and what location they need to be in,” senior David Wilson says.


“We also go through the script in order to find props that are needed from the show and hand them to tech so that they can find the items necessary. In the meantime we go and buy ‘rehearsal props’ just to give actors an idea of what they are working with,” Wilson continues.  Wilson is a lead actor playing Adam, one of the narrators in the play.


Each actor is assigned a PD Group, or Production Department. Examples include, Fundraising, Costumes, Graphics, Hair and Makeup, and Publicity. Alex Beaty, a junior and one of the leaders of the Makeup Department says,. “Doing makeup is equally fun and stressful. We’re one of the only groups who continues doing our PD work during the show. We are given only an hour to apply makeup to everyone in the cast including ourselves every night.  It’s a very demanding position but the hard work pays off when you see how awesome everyone looks in the end.”


Assisting the main director, Ms. Kelly Rothe, are four student directors and two student producers. Sarah Rasmussen, senior director says “My job as director includes many many different things. To name a few, I take part in the casting process, I help make lighting, sound and prop decisions, create the blocking/stage directions, help the actors to develop their roles, and help organize many of the behind-the-scenes aspects of the show.”


“The biggest challenge I have faced during the making of this show would have to be the amount of change we have gone  through over the past year. Our department is definitely not in the same place that it was this time last year. We’ve basically had to start from scratch and to say that it’s been difficult would be an understatement,” says, Rasmussen. .


Junior student director Sophia Cannella names attendance and timeliness as her biggest struggles, while new reshman director, Eliza Faigin, struggles with being a younger member but still being able to hold the attention of upper classmen.


Though the fall production is mostly student ran,, members still are appreciative of new director (and WBHS alumni for everything she’s done.  “I think [Ms.Rothe] has done an amazing job directing us. She came in under very difficult circumstances and never skipped a beat. What made it special to have her was the fact that she went through the department and knew exactly how we all felt instead of guessing,” says senior Sophia Nicolaou. Grace Trivax, junior, says, “[Ms.Rothe] has been so dedicated to this program and we are so lucky to have her. As an alumni, she understands how hard we work and reciprocates it. She brightens up the department!”


At the end of the day students are confident on the success of their show and are left with an all around great experience. When asked about his favorite part of theatre, David Wilson delivered this touching and truthful statement:“My favorite part of theatre has to be the community it has in school and out. It is a constantly inspiring group that always is there to support you whenever you need it. The theatre community has allowed me to open up and has given me a voice that I thought I didn’t have and and now helps me bring attention to certain issues or just simply bring smiles and entertainment to the audience. I can not imagine who I would be or what I would want to do without theatre in my life, and I will always be thankful for that.”


There will be 3 performances: Thursday November 3rd at 7, Friday November 4th at 7:30 and Saturday November 5th at 7:30. If you are interested in purchasing tickets online the link is below:

 https://www.showtix4u.com/#!/page_Events (search for West Bloomfield)
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