A New Figure: West Bloomfield High School’s 1st Ever Figure Skating Team


Neil Haran

This year, West Bloomfield High School opened its doors to a host of new sports teams. One of those sports happens to be Figure Skating. Figure Skating, a sport where contestants grouped into individual, duo, or group categories perform on figure skates on ice, has a rich competitive history. It was the first winter sport to be included in the London Summer Olympics in 1908. It would later continue to be a staple of the Winter Olympics since they first began in Chamoinx, France, in the Winter of 1924.

West Bloomfield High School’s Figure Skating team was able to participate in a total of 3 competitions during this year’s season. Despite being a first-year team, every single member of the WBHS figure skating team was awarded a medal over the course of their season. Senior, Jordan Ruge, says, “This was a great first year as a team. We did an amazing job being new to the experiences and hope that, in years to come, the team improves and becomes bigger.”