A Dazzlin’ Disney Delight


On Wednesday, May 25, 2016, West Bloomfield High School hosted their annual spring choir concert show. Every year there is a specific theme chosen by the seniors of the program, and this year they chose Disney.


There were many songs in concert sung by three different choirs as well as soloists and duets. One of the soloists, junior Anya Miller, commented on her performance by saying, “I always enjoy the opportunity to perform as a soloist or in a duet because we get to showcase individual student talents and I think it’s a really neat opportunity.” Anya sang with fellow junior, David Wilson, to the song ‘I See The Light’ from the movie Tangled.


Many students commented on their time in choir including sophomore McKenna Murphy. She said, “Choir is really fun. I really enjoy the concerts. Even though they can be chaotic, it’s a fun chaos and I look forward to it every year.” Julia Goldberg, a sophomore, described choir by saying, “I wouldn’t trade it for the world.” Junior Julia Graham explained what spring show is and why it’s her favorite. She told Spectrum, “Our theme for this year is Disney so all of the songs are Disney songs and it’s really cool and fun.” She continued, “This concert is especially fun because we can do as many songs as we want and we get to wear costumes and do dances, and that’s why I love it so much!” Freshman singer and accompanist Joey Lauerman voiced his appreciation for director Mrs. Hauk and her trust in him to play piano and have a featured solo.


All in all, the concert was a huge success. The freshman sang their hearts out, the sophomores danced until they dropped, the juniors beautifully serenaded the crowd, and the seniors said their final goodbyes. For some this concert was a first, and for others, this concert was their last.For all involved, this year’s spring concert was a wonderful experience.