RED and BLUE – A 2016 Presidential Election Poem


Emma Lundgren, writer

On 11/8 people lined down the block waiting

They sat tight, they decided, they voted.

A form of participation in government

They filed home and went through a normal day

T.V.s turn on all around the country

Channel after channel covering


7:00 The first states close

Anxiety in the air

‘Too close to calls’ and ‘electoral votes’

8:00 more states begin to conclude voting

Things are close

Things are heated

Surprises and outrage

9,10,11 pass by fast

Things are not going as predicted

The race is close

Closer than expected

Tears are shed

Cheers are heard

Hours and hours till every vote is counted

270 to win

Mostly red states

Trump has won


On 11/9 outrage

People are angry

They are scared for their lives

Hillary won the popular vote

“Not my president”



On 11/9 patriotism

People are cheering

They are proud of their country

Donald has won through the electoral college

“America will be great again”

Judgement of the opposing


The country is divided but we must come together as one.

Red and blue will be red and blue

But red and blue make the American flag what it is