Kazoo-ing at EMU


Kylie Harmala, Writer

Over November 20th and 21st, several members of the WB band program auditioned into an honor band at Eastern Michigan University where they spent nearly twenty-four hours on campus learning four different pieces, performing, and meeting students from around the midwest. 

“It was so much different than playing music at school and in class because normally we spend a few months on three songs but here we spent one day on four,” said freshman Natalie Weissman, “It was fun how quickly we were able to prepare four different pieces and be ready for a concert.”

As these select students spent their weekend in group and sectional rehearsal, they prepared four different pieces of music that were performed at the end of the weekend in a concert at Pease Auditorium in Ypsilanti. Students were able to work with college professors of their instrument, learn how a college ensemble rehearses, and receive information about how they can pursue music in college since most members were high school juniors and seniors.

“My favorite part of the honor band was getting to meet so many new people that liked the same thing I did,” said sophomore Sofia Kamoo, “When the last song ended I was exhausted but sad that after so many hours it was over.”

Conducted by Dr. Smith and Dr. Schneider, during the piece “Rollo takes a Walk” by Maslanka, many musicians got the opportunity to stand and play the kazoo on stage and yell while different instrument sections took turns playing the same melody repeatedly. 

Once the performance was over all of the students carried instruments and kazoos back into the auditorium dressing room beneath the stage. As soon as the room filled instruments were packed away, kazoos were played together one last time, and the instrument sections said goodbye to their friends they had made twenty-four hours ago as everyone already began thinking about next year.