Could You Survive The Terrible Tales Of Lally’s Game…?


Carson Manning

Tale from the pizzaplex – Book 1 Lally’s Game

If you’re a fan of the “Fazbear Frights’’ series, this is going to be the next series for you! Tales from the pizzaplex came out July 19th, 2022. And since then 2 more books have been released from the series. Tales from the pizzaplex is pretty much the same as the Fazbear Frights series in terms of layout, and arrangements from the previous series are used for each story’s title card and opening, including there being three novel length stories. Each story does an amazing job of revisiting the collection forma, though I must say that it is a little disappointing that two of the stories are only slightly related to the real PizzaPlex plot.


Now, moving onto the three novels. First is Frailty.

FRAILTY – 10/10

This is probably one of the best stories written for the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise, definitely tying with “The Man in Room 1280” from Fazbear frights”Bunny call” (fifth story) which lots of people say it’s the best Fazbear Frights novel. Jessica, is the  protagonist of this story, she is an amazingly written tragic character, dedicating her life to helping sick children because she feels like she doesn’t deserve a good life for herself. She also had some nice interactions with Robert, who’s her partner for making the robot for her science project. Jessica  is the true highlight of the story.


Lally’s Game was surprisingly on the average side. Selena moves into a new home with her new fiance and uncovers something from the Pizzaplex’s past, that being Lally. Selena is not very interesting as a character. For the most part it’s just like a “haunted doll” story like the previous Fazbear fright book “1:35 AM” which is the 3rd story in that series. But here, there is way less Lally in the story, there is mostly Selena being mentioned. However, what it does for Lally at the end is the highlight of the novel. It felt very unique for this type of novel, and it caught me and others completely off guard.

There’s nothing much to say about this one because it is completely utterly overshadowed by the next story.


For this story there is so much to say about. If you thought “In The Flesh” and, “He Told Me Everything” were pushing it? Well this one was so much more.

Under Construction, by far, is the most insane FNAF story put to paper. What starts as a fairly innocuous birthday celebration for Maya and her friends at the Mega PizzaPlex, and later with her family, slowly but completely derails into a surreal insane multiverse story, it deals with an abstract threat, and there is no “main antagonist” until the very end and let me tell you, it is so disturbing, and not at all what people expected in the slightest. I was shaken up by my first read. If this is FNAF’s first dive into proper surrealist horror, I know we are all in. I loved this story for what it does and I hope they keep working on making FNAF’s horror more and more exciting each book.

Overall for the full novel I’d say the book is an 8/10, I  enjoyed my time reading it, and I encourage going into this one with an open mind without any set expectations. But readers beware… This collection of terrifying tales is enough to rattle even the hardened Five Nights At Freddy’s Fans. Have fun 🙂