Alyssa Snead

If you opted into Fall testing, important dates are coming up. The PSAT will be on October 21st and the SAT will be on October 28th. Both tests will take place in the high school and will begin at 7:30 in the morning. If you did not opt-in, there will be another round of testing in the Spring.

“Please report to school for the SAT at 6:50,” says West Bloomfield High School Administration.

This testing is open to all grade levels. The PSAT is for freshmen and sophomores and the SAT is for seniors and juniors that signed up. Though most seniors have already taken the SAT in their junior year not everyone was able to due to COVID conditions. Some seniors are taking it for the first time while some are retaking in the hope of a better score. 

“I want a better score,” said senior Latrell Massey. “I have been practicing as much as I can.”

Preparing for the test is crucial, so it is important to get a good amount of practice in. There are many sites that have practice tests including Khan Academy, College Board, and Prep Scholar. If you don’t plan on doing any practice, just remember that some practice is better than no practice at all. 

“I have practiced using Khan Academy, SAT Books, and a Test Prep class,” said senior, Zain Rana. “I am studying as much as I can to improve my score.”

Not only is it important to practice for the test, but it is also important to mentally prepare. This means getting a good amount of sleep the night before and eating a good breakfast the morning of. Though it may seem obvious, it is statistically proven that there is a correlation between doing that and receiving higher test scores.

“I need to mentally prepare as much as possible,” said senior Shoshana Sprecher. “If that means going to bed extra early so I can get a good night’s sleep, I will make sure to do it.”

The SAT is a key part of your college application process. It is something to take seriously. Good luck to everyone testing!