The Start Of Something New

WBHS Tries For New Sports


West Bloomfield High School is currently in the works of adding three new sports to the Winter Season: Snowboarding, Figure Skating, and Gymnastics. Each sport is self-funded. Therefore they will need all the help and money they can get to establish their teams. The final decisions will be happening very soon, with  Figure Skating  being decided on Friday October 2nd and Gymnastics and Snowboarding within the next week. As part of the decision making process, the Athletic Department needs to know how many people are interested in each team. Last year Gymnastics was not successful in getting their sport added. But not to fret, they are back this year to promote their team. The Gymnasts held a meeting last Saturday, October 3, 2015, for  the students who were interested in joining. The practices for each teams vary. Gymnastics will be held at Sports Club, Snowboarding at Alpine Valley, and Figure Skating at the Farmington Skating Rink.  

The newest team at West Bloomfield High School is Sailing. Sailing will involve practicing, competing, and racing. Sailing is a varsity team and will be practicing during fall and spring at Pontiac Yacht Club. The team will also collaborate with Detroit Country Day during the practice times. Sailing will start competing this spring. The team is looking for new members and will be accepting people with or without experience. The only quality they require is an interest in the sport. Freshman member, Nolan Beaty, shared his thoughts on why joining the team would be ideal. He says,“It builds character and teamwork.” The sailing team will release information soon.

If any students are interested in one of these sports, the decision to join needs be made as soon as possible. Again, the new sports are self funded, and the teams need all the help they can get. If you have any questions, please contact Athletic Director, Eric Pierce at : [email protected]